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Buenos Aires, Argentina (2 photos)

(click on photo for larger version)

Chris at the Obelisk

Located at Plaza de la Republica and signifying Argentina's independence, the 68-meter-tall Obelisk is the most famous landmark in Buenos Airies. The Plaza is situated right in the middle of Avenue 9 de Julio, reputedly the widest avenue in the world at 144 meters across. July 9 of 1816 is when Argentina gained its independence from Spain.

Chris & Suzie are hoping for a Royal showing
(click on photo for larger version)

Chris & Suzie at the Pink Palace

Located at Plaza de Mayo, the Presidential Palace was made famous by Evita Peron's appearance on its balcony. If you notice the small flag flying just beneath the bigger Argentinian flag on top of the palace, this means that the President himself was in residence.

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