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Cape Horn, Chile

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Chris & Suzie at Cape Horn

Cabo de Hornos, Cape Horn is located on an island known as Isla Hornos and is the southern end of the majestic Andes Mountains, as well as the southernmost tip of South America. This rugged land mass has played a pivotal role in history's greatest seafaring explorations. Sir Francis Drake sailed in waters south of the Cape in 1578, yet he never actually saw the tip of the continent. In the summer of 1616, an expedition led by Dutch merchant Isaac Le Maire and navigator Willem Corneliszoon Schouten was undertaken to search for the gold riches of the South Pacific. They passed through the perilous Straits of Magellan and rounded the top calling it Cape Horn after Schouten's home town of Hoorn in the Netherlands. Often shrouded in fog and mist, the cape consists of rocky cliffs of granite covered with peat and dense thickets of evergreen. The region is so stormy that sailors have dreaded "rounding the Horn."

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