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Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

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Linc at Samburu Lodge

Samburu National Reserve lies on the north of the vast semi-desert lands of Northern Kenya. The Reserve extends for an area of 105 square kilometers north of the meandering Ewaso Nyiro or "Brown River." It is part of a lava plain that includes a varied landscape of red dirt, thorn scrub, broken volcanic rock, dried river beds, steep hills and rocky outcroppings, some large enough to be called mesas. Following the river curves, a riverine forest of doum palms, acacia and tamarind is a magical contrast of cool green. This is attractive to the region's wildlife and visitors alike. Apart from elephants, lion and leopard, the region is home to the rare Grevy Zebra with large furry ears, Gerenuk Antelope standing on hind legs to feed, Somali Ostrich with its distinctive legs and the shy Oryx Beisa.

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