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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

(click on photo for larger version)

Will & Lisa at Yellowstone National Park

The oldest of our national parks, Yellowstone is the culmination of several million years of exacting natural processes. Born in the fires of thundering volcanoes and sculpted by glacial ice and running water, Yellowstone has evolved into a land of natural wonders. Although thousands of years have passed since the park's violent birth, its thermal features bear testimony that at a comparatively shallow depth beneath us, the fiery heart of the volcanoes still beats. Literally thousands of hot springs dot the thermal basins, gigantic colums of boiling water are hurled hundreds of feet into the air causing the ground to shake. Hissing steam vents puncuate the valley floor and stumps of redwood forests buried by volcanic ash and petrified in an upright position stand out starkly on eroded mountainsides.

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